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- Well thought-out and knowledgeable -

algemene voorwaarden bijzondere voorwaarden verkoopsvoorwaarden huur verhuur lening borg aanneming bouw aandeelhoudersovereenkomst overdracht aandelen overdracht handelsfonds

Company & contract

Negotiation, drafting and litigation on:
- General and special conditions
- Sales Conditions
- Rental contract office, storage, factory
- Commercial lease
- Distribution contract, exclusive distribution concession, franchise
- Employment contract, employment regulations
- Shareholders' agreement
- Transfer of shares, trading fund

concurrentie non compete verbod afwerving geheim confidentieel vertouwelijk klantenlijst formule

That belongs under trade secrets. Are you sure about that?

onderneming bewijs consument bewijsrecht geschrift digitaal factuur bewijs

Can you prove it? That depends on ...

Software hardware proces sofwarecontract licentieovereenkomst gebruikslicentie expertise bug claim schadevergoeding onderhoudscontract saas gdpr

ICT & Law: every day, for 20 years

Drafting and negotiating license contracts, maintenance contracts, SaaS (Software as a Service) agreements
- Legal strategy for software companies
- Purchase contract for hardware
- Complete guidance for takeovers of software companies
- Lawsuits regarding damage claims for software and hardware
- Judicial valuations

medische software arts specialist apotheker dierenarts oogarts saas licentie overeenkomst contract proces bug gdpr  privacy proces arbeidsrecht werknemer policy

Health and ICT

- Contracts (software, hardware, medical devices)
- General terms and conditions
- Transfer of business and trade fund
- Claims and liability
- Privacy
- Corporate housekeeping
- Advice on legal strategy

medisch materiaal hulpmiddel medical device regulation exclusiviteit concessie wet 1961 alleenverkoop non compete concurrentiebeding stock change of control uitwinningsvergoeding commisie opzegging billijke vergoeding

Medical distribution

- Distribution contracts
- Protection of exclusivity
- Transfer of undertaking, trade fund
- Damage compensation and Goodwill
- Termination indemnity
- General conditions (sales, maintenance, rental)
- Claims and liability
- Legal guidance on product recall

aanneming architect aannemer contract proces promotie bouwzaak gerechtelijke expertise bouwkamer bemiddeling mede-eigendom overeenkomst schadevergoeding genotsderving schadeclaim

Real Estate Law

Contracting and litigation on:
- Construction law
- Acceptance cases
- Co-ownership
- Rental and leasing
- Judicial expertise
- Liability

Your corporate lawyer

With in-depth knowledge of your sector

Being a lawyer for a company is really much more than giving the occasional theoretical opinion or conducting a lawsuit. As the law firm of your company, we not only know your business, but we also follow the events in your industry. Successful entrepreneurship, growth, failure, survival, etc., not only depends on your knowledge and drive, but also on the way you organise yourself legally. Together, we can avoid a great deal of problems and, if a discussion or lawsuit does arise, we’ll be a lot stronger.

Type of business

The majority of our clients consult us for almost all their legal concerns, contracts and projects. From the collection of unpaid invoices, to a liability claim, an employment case and so on, or even for the integral purchase of a company for many millions of euros. Our extensive experience in litigation enables us to provide you with sound advice on the drafting of contracts and conditions.

Recent assignments

  • Drafting conditions (rental, sale, maintenance) with regard to defibrillators.
  • Summary injunction procedure for distribution contract.
  • Advice on termination of commercial agency agreement.
  • Procedure for dismissal for an urgent reason following unlawful competition.
  • Procedure for claiming goods after bankruptcy.
  • Guidance (negotiation and drafting) for the acquisition of a software company (NDA, LOI, SPA).
  • Drafting sales conditions and maintenance contract with regard to pumps.
  • Assistance with a product liability claim after surgery (prosthesis).
  • Procedure for reducing retail rents.
  • Supervision of complex debt collection procedures in the graphics sector.

Urgent advice needed?

Sometimes things have to happen fast ...
You want to make a claim as soon as possible, or your company has received a summons? An important contract urgently needs to be signed and you’re in doubt? Mail us; we can probably help.


News for companies

New rules for contracts between businesses from 1 December

From 1 December 2020, the new rules on unlawful terms in B2B relations will apply to contracts concluded, amended or renewed after that date.

These new rules will allow the courts to assess the (unlawful) nature of contractual clauses much more broadly than today. If the court establishes the existence of an unlawful contractual clause, it will be able to sanction it, for example, by annulling the relevant provision.

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Abuse of economic dependency

What is economic dependencey?

From 22 August 2020, the abuse of economic dependency has been sanctioned by the new B2B law.

Economic dependence refers to a situation in which an enterprise possesses a certain market power that allows it to exercise relative dominance over its partners and to impose performance and conditions that it would not be able to impose without this market power.

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Electronic signing of documents

Due to the Corona crisis, it can be more difficult to sign all kinds of documents (letters, agreements, etc.) on paper, especially when a document requires the signature of several people.

As a result, it often happens that a scanned version of the signature is used, which is then pasted into the document. Although this is, in principle, a valid way to sign a document, it can still give rise to discussions.

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Directors, don't forget the alarm bell procedure!

Companies facing financial difficulties due to the Corona crisis have been given additional breathing space by both the federal and Flemish governments through numerous support measures. But many companies have ended up in dire straits, and their financial situation has become precarious.

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New law - adapt your contracts and general terms and conditions

The new B2B contracts law - what will change?

The impact of this new law on your business cannot be underestimated: your general terms and conditions and your contracts will most likely contain a number of clauses that will soon no longer be legal.

The law has already introduced protection for consumers (B2C). However, this will soon also be the case if you are doing business with a "company", i.e. another company (B2B). Simply imposing a very strict contract or draconian general terms and conditions will no longer "pass muster".

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