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Looking for an internship?

“My internship was more than 20 years ago, but I still think about it very often. In fact, I often quote my own internship mentor (maître Alfred Devreux) to my interns. What he taught me has proved invaluable. The Bar and the legal profession have changed a lot since then, but to this day I still very often apply working practice, which my employer taught me patiently. His insights about the profession of lawyer, the court, clients... were often critical. And that is exactly what an internship should be: learning the tricks of the trade.”

All trainees trained by Wouter Van Cutsem usually continued to work for the firm as an employee for a (very) long time. Without exception, they are all still operating as lawyers (and often as successful barristers).

If you really want to become a barrister, want to work hard (and not just want to do your work placement, because it looks good on your CV), then you can always apply for an internship. It is essential that you are completely fluent in both Dutch and French (spoken and written). Since our operation is fully computerized, it is also very important that you have good computer skills.

Working together - Collaboration?

Local correspondents

Defensis Law Firm operates nationally and often uses a local correspondent for (among other things) its debt collection practice.

For example, in each district we have one or more lawyers who replace us on a permanent basis, whenever this involves a purely procedural formality. Indeed, this is much cheaper for the client. Please let us know if you have very strict working practices and are interested in this.

Freelance assignments

If you have built up special expertise in a specific area of law (through experience, publications, teaching positions) and wish to provide specific advice in your field, please let us know. We regularly call on colleagues for a second opinion or additional “manpower” in a particular case file.

Employees & Partnership

Have you (started to) build up a customer base and/or have your own office, but would prefer to work together on a permanent basis? Feel free to contact Wouter Van Cutsem for a no-obligation meeting. Various forms of collaboration can be discussed, which might include the location from which you are working.


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