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Conditions and Fees

You have a first case or assignment, and are wondering what it will cost?

Good bills make good friends, and that certainly applies to lawyers' fees. After we’ve checked that there is no conflict of interest, we think it’s important to meet you in person and explain our working method in detail, including our Terms and Conditions and our fees.

You can read below how this all works.

Conflict of interest?

During our first contact, we will first ask you who the other parties are, as, in principle, lawyers are not allowed to act against clients (or former clients). Only in exceptional cases can a lawyer act for more than one party in the same case.

A first meeting

An initial meeting can be held by phone or via a web meeting, but is usually carried out "live". If you can’t come to one of our offices, we’ll gladly come to you. In fact, this is usually the case for our corporate clients.

In order to enable us to prepare properly for this first meeting, we would ask you to send us a very detailed description of the case or assignment well in advance, and to include the necessary documents in each case.

Our conditions and fees

During this first meeting, you explain what the case or assignment is about and we explain how we operate (= our conditions) and our rates, which you will have received in advance by e-mail. You will also receive your personal access data to our Extranet.

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