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Let's go over everything together first.

verkeer overdreven snelheid dronkenschap burgerlijke partij dodelijk slachtoffer dader vluchtmisdrijf rijbewijs intrekken bestuurder aansprakelijk burgerlijke partij deskundige bloedproef

Traffic & Liability

Excessive speed
- Flight crime (hit-and-run)
- Driving under the influence
- Driving licence confiscation
- Physical damage
- Expertise

echtscheiding familierechtbank onderhoudsgeld, alimentatie kind hoederecht verdeling huis diefstal familierechtbank

It's finished

Divorce - maintenance - custody - division

onbetaalde huishuur vochtprobleem huurder verhuurder huurprijs opzeg aangetekend waarborg duur huurprijs eigen bewoning familielid

Renting and letting

Recovery of unpaid rent
- Eviction of tenant
- Compensation for rental damage
- Recovery of deposit
- Deprivation of enjoyment
- Transfer of lease
- Death of tenant
- Tailor-made rental contract

My personal counsellor

Now, I'm really going to need a lawyer...

Are you busy building or renovating, but things aren't going too well? A divorce after 10 years of happily living together? Your tenants aren’t paying? The inheritance just isn’t being distributed? Been involved in a accident? Fired after 20 years of loyal service? Didn't get your deposit back? Bought or sold a house and there’s now a hidden defect? Physical damage after an accident hasn’t been compensated?

Hopefully you don't have all these things going on at the same time…

And the cost?

We will discuss our costs and fees with you in advance, so that you know exactly what you are getting into.

Read more about the cost

Recent cases

  • Appointment of a legal expert with regard to damage due to subsidence caused by the construction of an adjacent apartment.
  • Advice after purchasing a house with hidden defects.
  • Procedure for compensation after a fatal accident.
  • Complex judicial distribution after inheritance.
  • Annulment of a penalty clause after agreement to buy a house was terminated.
  • Drafting of a loan agreement and guarantee.
  • Contestation of the validity of the decision of the general meeting of co-owners.
  • Complex divorce, maintenance claim and division.
  • Rental procedures (recovery, eviction, damages) and advice on rental contracts for family property.
  • Advice on amending the employment contract.
  • Defence against dismissal for a serious reason, proceedings with regard to damages.
  • Assistance with provisional acceptance of a construction (expert).
  • Construction law
  • Rental law
  • Apartment law
  • Property rights
  • Liability
  • Criminal law
  • Insurance Law
  • Traffic law
  • Liquidation and distribution
  • Inheritance
  • Separation / Divorce
  • Juvenile law
  • Labour law
  • Dismissal law
  • Occupational accident
  • etc.

News for consumers

New rules for contracts between businesses from 1 December

From 1 December 2020, the new rules on unlawful terms in B2B relations will apply to contracts concluded, amended or renewed after that date.

These new rules will allow the courts to assess the (unlawful) nature of contractual clauses much more broadly than today. If the court establishes the existence of an unlawful contractual clause, it will be able to sanction it, for example, by annulling the relevant provision.

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Abuse of economic dependency

What is economic dependencey?

From 22 August 2020, the abuse of economic dependency has been sanctioned by the new B2B law.

Economic dependence refers to a situation in which an enterprise possesses a certain market power that allows it to exercise relative dominance over its partners and to impose performance and conditions that it would not be able to impose without this market power.

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Electronic signing of documents

Due to the Corona crisis, it can be more difficult to sign all kinds of documents (letters, agreements, etc.) on paper, especially when a document requires the signature of several people.

As a result, it often happens that a scanned version of the signature is used, which is then pasted into the document. Although this is, in principle, a valid way to sign a document, it can still give rise to discussions.

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