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Working practice

Being your legal counsel

The right advice at the right time. That’s what it’s all about. “Being your legal counsel” goes far beyond just advocacy. We want to be your permanent legal point of contact, whenever you have a legal concern or issue and not just when you need to go to court.

Preventive legal advice

“Preventing” conflicts is in fact our main concern. We prefer to advise you before you, as a company or private individual, take a step that may lead to a dispute or court case. After all, almost everything you do or undertake is regulated in some way by law.

You sign contracts - often without realising it - the legal scope of which can subsequently be very unexpected; all (too) often we hear “I did this or accepted this in good faith or in full confidence” ... afterwards. Please consult us beforehand for advice or for a watertight contract. It is safer, faster and way less expensive.


Striving for a negotiated solution is by no means a sign of weakness. We are resolutely in favour of this.

We often find that the conflict arose or degenerated because the parties had not yet really talked or listened to the nuances in the other party’s story.

We first complete an analysis of your case file and define your objectives together. A significant proportion of our business ends in a settlement, following negotiation or mediation. It is safer, faster and much less expensive.

Going to court

A lot of cases inevitably have to go to court. The other party is not interested in a reasoned approach and (further) negotiations appear to be a waste of time.

After a thorough analysis of our chances of success, together we work out the strategy and the specific approach. Unless we really have to, we will avoid any principled legal debate on the Greater Good (if only for the sake of what is right).

Together, we will keep a close eye on the overall costs. You can follow up every step we take, including in court.

Team work

“To whom is our case file assigned?” Legal practice is teamwork and for us that means that an experienced lawyer effectively handles, follows up on and manages your case file(s) in close collaboration with another lawyer or employee in the firm.

In addition to a law degree, almost everyone in our office has also received additional training and undergoes very intensive in-service training sessions. He or she is at least able to speak one other language.

Our office is everywhere “wherever we have Wi-Fi.” Because we are fully computerised, we can work anywhere; our case files and our legal information have been completely digital since 1999.

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